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SonicWall Analyzer Software
SonicWALL Scrutinizer
Measure & troubleshoot network performance while increasing productivity.
SonicWALL® Scrutinizer is a multi-vendor, application traffic analytics visualization and reporting tool to measure and troubleshoot network performance and utilization while increasing productivity for enterprises and service providers. Scrutinizer supports a wide range of routers, switches, firewalls, and data-flow reporting protocols, providing unparalleled insight into application traffic analysis from IPFIX/NetFlow data exported by SonicWALL firewalls. Scrutinizer easily identifies top applications, conversations, flows, protocols, domains, countries, and subnets, and alerts on suspicious behavior. Scrutinizer also provides historical and advanced reporting, role-based administration, advanced analysis, and threshold-based alerts, in addition to numerous special features for MSPs and ISPs.
Visualization tools.

Tools such as customizable and interactive charts and tables; an innovative matrix view displaying flow field; network maps showing relevant flow data; and integrated Google® Maps, are the foundation for Scrutinizer’s easy-to-use yet powerful analytics and trend analysis capabilities. These visualization tools provide a robust platform to list top interfaces across all routers, switches, and firewalls, displaying archived flow data in an intuitive and innovative way.

High capacity and broad coverage.

Scrutinizer is able to support hundreds of devices and over a thousand interfaces. It’s compatible with many different types of routers, switches and firewalls from numerous vendors and does not require the purchase of a separate, expensive Microsoft® or Oracle® database. Scrutinizer supports all industry standard data flow protocols including NetFlow v5, NetFlow v9, Flexible NetFlow, J-Flow, sFlow and IPFIX.

Flexible analytics and reporting.

IT can perform analysis and create reports based on top hosts, protocols, applications, or conversations on the network across multiple countries, domains, subnets, routers, switches, or firewalls; IP grouping; traffic analysis Report Types (e.g. Flows, Flow Volume, NBAR Support, etc.); or Microsoft® Exchange logs. Scrutinizer can trend in, out, or both at the same time; display data in bits, bytes, packets or percent, down to the second; and filter to include or exclude data on any field exported in the templates (e.g., MAC Address, VLAN, Latency, etcetera).

Enhanced network optimization.

Application traffic analytics increase employee productivity by reporting wasteful network usage for administrators to enhance network optimization.

100% IPFIX and flexible NetFlow support.

Scrutinizer enables administrators to define Application Groups using ranges of applications, ports and IP addresses. Administrators can also apply SonicWALL-specific templates; rename templates; save filters; schedule reports to be sent out via email and .CSV exports for billing; customize billing for usage invoicing, set up default landing pages by account login (useful for service providers servicing multiple customers); and save all records and flows—for an unrestricted amount of time.

Alerts and alarms.

By setting alerts and alarms to activate upon configurable thresholds on interface utilization, administrators can easily identify unfinished flows and nefarious activities. Administrators can proactively monitor Quality of Service (QoS) and receive automatic alerts on degraded voice and video traffic. Scrutinizer’s unique index-per-alarm feature displays how many other alarms the host has violated.

Diagnostic troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting tools can be used to identify bottlenecks on the network, analyze latency and jitter, search for specific hosts or ports, determine peak-hour usage and capacity, and identify what devices do not have the Active Timeout configured correctly. Administrators can also create a map of their network with links that change color based on utilization. Scrutinizer provides diagnostic information on host flows, host volume, pair volume MAC addresses, VLANs, domains and countries. In addition, the solution leverages IPFIX statistics to provide greater insight into VoIP metrics (codec, caller ID, duration, originator, destination, etc.).

Enhanced forensics analysis.

Administrators can configure timeframes for DNS caching; filter host-to-host, subnet-to-subnet or by TCP flag; track Flow Sequence Number, trend results and indicate problems; and specify allowed subnets and alarm for rogue IP addresses. Scrutinizer detects and alerts on unauthorized applications; malicious traffic; known-compromised internet hosts; DNS cache poisoning; rogue DHCP and mail servers; port scanning; excessive multicast traffic; HTTP hijacking; and DDOS attacks.

Flexible administration.

Administration is a breeze with the central, easy-to-use console. Dashboards can be customized per login or group-based user permissions. Administrators can configure permissions per login account to access flows for specific router, switch, and firewall interfaces. Service providers can easily modify style sheets to match branding.

SonicWALL Analyzer
Ensure health, performance & security of your network.
SonicWALL® Analyzer is an easy to use web-based traffic analytics and reporting tool that provides real-time and historical insight into the health, performance and security of the network. Analyzer supports SonicWALL firewalls, backup and recovery (Continuous Data Protection) appliances, and secure remote access devices while leveraging application traffic analytics for security event reports. SonicWALL is the only firewall vendor that provides a complete solution that combines off-box application traffic analytics with granular statistical data generated by SonicWALL firewalls.

Real-time and historic traffic analysis.

Traffic analysis utilizing granular next-generation syslog data provides advanced troubleshooting capabilities to assist in identifying the location of network outages and slowdowns by surfacing what applications are used by what users and systems.

Graphical Reports

Businesses gain increased visibility into suspicious network activity and employee productivity with comprehensive graphical reports on firewall bandwidth usage statistics, threats, and per user application traffic analysis.

Next-generation syslog reporting.

Revolutionary architecture enhancements streamline data summarization and allow for near real-time reporting of incoming syslog messages. Direct access to the underlying raw data further facilitates extensive granular capabilities and offers highly customizable reporting.

SRA user reporting.

Administrators gain valuable insight into user activity as well as appliance health and behavior through Secure Remote Access (SRA) event reporting.

CDP event reporting.

Custom proprietary next-generation reporting provides a detailed view of Continuous Data Protection (CDP) appliance well-being and user agent statistics.

Universal scheduled reports.

With universal scheduled reports, administrators have a single entry point for all scheduled reports. Administrators can choose to generate a single report that combines charts and tables for multiple units. Reports can be scheduled and sent out in various formats to one or more email addresses.

At-a-glance reporting.

Customizable views illustrate multiple summary reports on a single page. Users can easily navigate through vital network metrics to analyze data quickly across a variety of reports.

Compliance reporting.

Administrators can generate reports that fulfill compliance requirements on an ad-hoc and scheduled basis to meet specific regulatory mandates.

Multi-threat reporting.

With the Gateway Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Intrusion Prevention, Application Intelligence and Control Service, businesses can collect information on thwarted attacks and receive instant access to threat activities detected by SonicWALL firewalls.

User-based reporting.

Individual user activities are tracked locally or on remote network sites to provide even greater insight into traffic usage across the entire network and get a closer look at application usage, web sites visited, backup activity, and VPN connections per user.

New attack intelligence.

Granular reporting allows administrators to quickly react to incoming threats with new attack intelligence including types of attacks or intrusion attempts and the source address of the attacker.

Flexible deployment options.

SonicWALL Analyzer can be deployed as either a Windows application or a Virtual Appliance. By deploying SonicWALL Analyzer as a Virtual Appliancein a VMware environment, organizations can leverage shared computing resources to optimize utilization, ease migration and reduce capital costs.

Application Usage Features


Advanced Troubleshooting Standard Standard Standard
Support for SonicWALL Firewalls Standard Standard Standard
Cross-platform reporting for SonicWALL firewalls, CDP & SRA Standard Standard No
Set Policies for SonicWALL Firewalls, AntiSpam, CDP & SRA No Standard No
Offline management for Firmware Updates / Configuration Changes No Standard No
Centralized license management for all SonicWALL appliances No Standard No
Flow Based Analytics Support for 3rd Party Routers, Switches, & Other Devices No No Standard
Enhanced forensics capabilities No No Standard
Cisco Advanced Reporting Module for Various Cisco Technologies 1 No No Standard
Citrix Advanced Reporting Module (NetScaler) No No Standard
Visualizations and Reporting Features Analyzer GMS7 Scrutinizer
Historical Reporting Unrestricted Unrestricted Unrestricted
View Traffic Usage Per Interface Standard
Standard Standard
Active Device Monitoring & Alerting Standard Standard Standard
Centralized Logging Standard Standard Standard
Universal Scheduled Reports Standard Standard Standard
Geographic Map Visualization No
Standard Standard
Multi-Threat Reporting Standard Standard Standard
Attack Intelligence Reporting Standard Standard No
Compliance Reporting Standard Standard No
Multi-Appliance Reporting at the Group Level Standard Standard Standard
Reports Exportable as PDF Standard Standard Standard
Reports Exportable as CSV Standard Standard Standard
VoIP Reporting for SonicWALL Firewalls No No Standard
Cross Check Module: Integration with Thrid Party Monitoring Systems No No Standard
Administration Features Analyzer GMS7 Scrutinizer
Graphical Intelligent Reporting & Activity Visualization Standard Standard Standard
Customizable Dashboard Standard Standard Standard
Can be Deployed as Software Standard Standard Standard
Can be Deployed as a Virtual Appliance Standard Standard Standard
User-Based Reporting Standard Standard Standard
Centralized Web Interface for Analysis of Network Standard Standard Standard
Customizable Alerting No
Standard Standard
Customizable Dashboard per User / per Group No Standard Standard
Granular Control Over What Users are Permitted to See / Analyze No Standard Standard
Centralized Network Security Management No Standard No
Can be Deployed as an Appliance Standard Standard No
Supported Protocols & Other Technical Specifications Analyzer GMS7 Scrutinizer
Real-Time Traffic Usage Visualization per Application Standard Standard Standard
Deployable for management and reporting in an IPv6 network Standard Standard Standard
SonicWALL Product SNMP Support Standard Standard Standard
Third Party SNMP Support (non-SonicWALL products)
Standard Standard
Next-Gen Syslog Reporting (Custom Reports with Drill Down Capabilities) Standard Standard No
Real-Time & Historic NetFlow + IPFIX reporting No No Standard
Granular Analytics & Reporting (VLANs, MAC, NBAR, Flows, Flow Volume) No No Standard
VoIP Metrics (Latency, Codec, Caller ID, Duration, Destination, etc) No No Standard
API for Rich Integration Options No Standard
Third Party Flow Analytics Support (non-SonicWALL Products) No No Standard
  1. Cisco technologies include Cisco Medianet, Smart Logging and Telemetry, Cisco TrustSec (CTS), and Performance Routing (PfR)
  2. Detailed application usage reporting over time is only available for the recent past for a period of 10 minutes or less.